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The miraculous comeback of the Dodo.

After centuries of sunbathing on the island of Mauritius, the dodo got extinct by the end of the 17th century. The reason: the animal, which couldn't fly nor swim, was faced with a bunch of castaways from Amsterdam. But wait: not all of them vanished. Two lonely dodos managed to survive. They protect themselves by hiding in the theaters of Amsterdam.

Dodo: Official trailer

This is the trailer of our previous show: Dodo's Magical Mind Trip, which we performed in the smallest theater of Amsterdam. Stay tuned to be the first to see the trailer of Dodo: The Resurrection.

Dodo: The Resurrection

Absurd magic theater for lovers of David Lynch and Jacques Tati

Magician: just imagine being one. It’s what happened to Chris Bordet and Woedy Woet, a.k.a. Duo Dodo. Against all odds these two peculiar birds try to fight extinction.

Dodo: The Resurrection is magic theater of life and death. In a show full of obscure images and sweet soap bubble kitsch they work towards a spectacular attempt: will the dodos succeed... in flying?

A magical, surrealistical theater experience full of impossible effects, which will probably keep you awake at night for some weeks. A crazy no nonsense performance without pretense and without a message. In short: Fringe style. Witness live how Duo Dodo makes the impossible possible.

Dodo: The Resurrection will be performed on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th of September at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.


Who are the dodos?

Magicial Chris Bordet from Amstelveen

Chris Bordet


Born in Paris, raised in Switzerland. From his eight' birthday on Chris traveled through Europe with his shows. He was part of a circus, gave performances on cruise ships, acted in television shows and lead his own magic theater. Two years ago, love brought him to Holland.

Magician Woedy Woet from Amsterdam

Woedy Woet


Made his debut as a magician more than thirty years ago. He was national champion twice. He traveled with his acts to Taiwan, Zurich, Vienna and Japan. He was part of Cirque du Soleil and led the Amsterdam Tricky Theater.

Director Shira Keller from Amstelveen

Shira Keller


Graduated in 2008 as a director at the Maastricht Theatre Academy and quit making theatre after graduating. She moved to Switzerland, wrote a book and met magician Chris Bordet. After seven years of full-time writing, she makes her theater-comeback with Dodo: The Resurrection.

Technician Sieuwert Zwaagstra

Sieuwert Zwaagstra


Started 15 years ago as a light and sound technician in community centers. Meanwhile, he knows every Dutch theater in and out. With his own sound and light table he tours the Dutch festivals and theaters. More and more theater companies hire him as a lighting designer.


"I hate magicians. I love Duo Dodo."

- Woody Allen, American filmmaker and actor

What we did before

You might know Duo Dodo of...

Dodos Magical Mind Trip, magic show in Amsterdam

2014 | Dodo's Magical Mind Trip

Dodoistical magic show with a twenties vibe

Oh Tip Top, revue-performance in the Tip Top Theater in Amsterdam

2013 | Oh Tip Top

Revue-performance in the Tip-Top Theater at the Jodenbreestraat.

Mijn Lieve Alice: a magical Alice in Wonderland adaptation by magicians Chris Bordet and Woedy Woet.

2012 | Mijn lieve Alice

Surrealistic Alice in Wonderland-adaptation


Where & when?


Dodo: The Resurrection will be performed on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th of September 2015 at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

Monday 7th of September 2015
20:30 - 21:15

Tuesday 8th of September 2015
17:00 - 17:45

Wednesday 9th of September 2015
20:30 - 21:15

Friday 11th of September 2015
22:30 - 23:15

The performance will take approximately 45 minutes, no break.

Where is it?

The performance will take place in theater Oostblok. This theater is located on the Sajetplein 39.

From Leidseplein (12 minutes)
Take tram 7 (to Flevopark) or 10 (to Azartplein) and get out at the tram station Korte 's Gravesandestraat. From there it's a 2 minute walk to the theater.

From Central Station (11 minutes)
Take metro 53 or 54 and get out at train station Weesperplein. From there it's a 5 minute walk to the theater.

Follow the Amstel river and turn east at the Torontobrug. Get out when you pass a big white building on your right. The building has a blue sign with the text 'Gezondheidscentrum'. From there it's a 17 second walk to get to the theater.

Oostblok Theater
Sajetplein 39
1091 DB, Amsterdam


"Duo Dodo is one of my giant inspirations."

- David Lynch, American filmmaker

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Magicians Duo Dodo

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